King Of The Castle EP

by Todd Parker and The Witches



A companion piece, the King Of The Castle EP contains extra tracks and alternate mixes from the 2012 sessions for the album "Evil Bliss".

Alternate mixes of King Of The Castle open and close the EP with the
Todd Parker Has Left The Building Mix featuring a very special guest
taking care of the vocal business.

Tammy's Secret Wish was a scrapped song by Tadpoles from the early
90's in which dear Tammy has received a spacier makeover in this

Slip Number 2 was another abandoned early 90's Tadpoles' tune that
receives a fresh look by the Witches. The story from TP - "Mike and I were riding the Staten Island Ferry back from Manhattan to our rented house on Staten Island where we lived and had our rehearsal studio. A seemingly confused and disturbed individual walked up to us on the boat and asked us 'How do you get down to the lower level?'. This was an odd question since in order to be up on the top level of that particular boat, you had to goup the stairs. So, obviously, you go down the stairs to get to the
lower level. We directed him down there and the next thing you know,
the boat was stopped in the middle of the harbor. Word got around that
a guy had just jumped off the boat. Hearing the description, we knew
it was our guy. Rescue boats came and didn't find him. This kinda
freaked us out, so when we got home, we just jammed for a bit and came
up with Slip Number 2, recorded it on the 4-track. Guess we got that
out of our system and we never went back to the song as it creeped us
out. This remake contains the core of the song and its still dark,
hopefully in a Joy Divisionish way. "


released December 4, 2012

Produced by Todd Parker
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Starlight Blanket Studios in
Sacramento, California, February - December 2012

Performed by Todd Parker and The Witches
Drums on the King Of The Castle mixes by Mike Audino

King Of The Castle (©1989 Parker/Audino, BMI)
Tammy's Secret Wish (©1991 Parker, BMI)
Slip Number 2 (©1991Parker/Audino/Max, BMI)


all rights reserved



Todd Parker and The Witches Sacramento, California

Todd Parker, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist/founder, of the 1990's Hoboken/NYC psychedelic rockers, Tadpoles returned after a decade off from producing music with Greetings From The Star Chamber in 2010 which has been followed by a series of EPs, singles and 3 more studio albums, the latest being 2018's Futuretripper. More to come. ... more

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Track Name: King Of The Castle (TCB Mix)

i'm the king of the castle
master of all i survey
look directly into my eyes
and i might just let you stay

king of the castle

waiting in my little world
where all is made of gold
look directly into my eyes
watch yourself explode

king of the castle

©1989 Parker/Audino, BMI
©2012 Todd Parker and The Witches/Bakery Records
Track Name: Tammy's Secret Wish
Intravenously dreaming i'm
walking away from you
Tammy said to her brother
and now she's on the move

she went down to her
localized locally bird and bee
bought some treats
that she's gonna be sharing
with you and me

its just the same
its always her name
its what happens now
so soon or somehow
she's catching the train
thats leaving the station
to your brain

intravenously serving up and
serving down all the stuff
for her picnicky party she is having
out on the rough

all her friends were happy
they were making some mushroom tea
tammy said wait you're gonna have to
save some of that for me
Track Name: Slip Number 2
slipping down to the lower level
if its dark it is better
slipping down to the lower level
quiet there
it is better

falling down to a lower level
water push my heart to never
falling down a lower level
disappear beneath
its better

see my face
i think i'll drown
in one big tear
without a sound

where the ocean flows
where it goes
where it stops
i don't know
spinning around
spinning around
looking up
getting down
Track Name: King Of The Castle (Todd Parker Has Left The Building Mix)
Instrumental version